Michele VanFossen Educational Director for POP HAIR ART
Michele VanFossen, Educational Director for POP HAIR ART

Growing up just outside of San Francisco, CA, Michele has always enjoyed expressing herself through her hair. In the 7 grade, she jumped at the chance to become a hair model when a local salon came to her school. Over the next 20 years, Michele did everything imaginable with her hair. After high school she gave college a try, but quickly realized it wasn’t for her. She then enrolled in Marinello’s School of Beauty in downtown San Francisco. Upon graduation, she apprenticed at the high end Peter Thomas Hair Design in downtown Berkeley, CA. After her year-long apprenticeship program, she was a stylist at the Walnut Creek, CA location for the next several years where she began to perfect a craft that would become a lifetime passion. Next up for Michele she worked for Gary Patrick Salon in Pleasanton, CA where she became one of his in house educators for the next six years. At different points in her career, Michele was hand-picked to be an educator for both KMS and Enjoy Hair Care. Michele has travelled across the United States doing hair and has an international clientele. Her work has been seen in print, on television, and in film. Throughout her career, Michele has believed that continuing education is the vital life source for her industry. She has honed her skills with the likes of internationally acclaimed celebrity colorist Beth Minardi, multi award winning Eric Fisher, and celebrity stylist Nick Arrojo who may be best known as the hairstylist on TLC’s “What Not to Wear” just to name a few.

Michele has a blast making every single guest feel amazing and beautiful. She is meticulous and detailed and nothing brings her more joy than the giant hugs and thanks she receives from her guests at the end of each session with her!
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Michele VanFossen
Trista Hughes, Level 2 Stylist

Trista is a 5th generation resident of Kerrville, TX she grew “roots, not wings”. She lives here with her husband/soulmate and beautiful daughter. Her small-town heritage is something she really values. She says she was not a “girly girl” growing up and got into doing hair quite by accident when she was enrolled in a cosmetology class in high school. She calls it a God thing. After high school she continued with cosmetology and graduated from Texas Cosmetology Institute.

Trista has been in the industry for over 17 years and is still highly passionate about learning and perfecting her craft. She says, “Hair is a by product of a person’s self-esteem,” and she loves seeing positive progressive changes in every one of her guests. Trista is incredibly diligent and wants to make each guest experience and service is the absolute best it can be.

One of Trista’s dreams is to rebuild an old Airstream and travel around the country.

Trista Hughes
Nakai Reece, Associate Stylist

Nakai grew up in Kerrville, TX. She went to cosmetology school at Aveda Institute in San Antonio and graduated from Mims Classic Beauty in 2011.
She’s known since she was a small child that she wanted to do hair because “all of my dolls got haircuts, along with pretty much any toy I owned with hair.” She taught herself to French Braid on her poodle bath toy that oozed soap bubbles when you squeezed it. Aside from the opportunity to channel her creative artistic abilities, she’s always loved the effect produced when making someone feel good about themselves. “Happy people make me happy.” Her favorite color is glitter.

Nakai has traveled around the United States going to various festivals, but her favorite was Wakarusa in Lawrence, KS. She wants to go to Tibet to visit the Himalayas because it’s the home of the Dalai Lama and Tibetan Buddhism. 

Nakai Reece
Nakai Reece
Trista Hughes
Emily Leicht, Associate Stylist

Emily grew up in Kerrville, TX and currently lives here with her husband. She graduated with honors from BK Cosmo college of Cosmetology and loves all things hair. Doing hair was in her from a young age and she still has her stuffed animal that she used to give haircuts to as a little girl. 
Emily loves how clients “come in one way and leave another,” and how she gets to be a part of helping them feel good. She really enjoys getting to know her clients and is excited about continuing to perfect her craft with POP Hair Art.  

In her spare time, she loves to relax with family and spend time with her niece. She hopes one day to visit to visit the factory where sprinkles are made so she can eat them by the handful.

Emily Leicht
Emily Leicht